I’d Rather Be Exhibiting Than…

I Would Rather Be Exhibiting

Think exhibiting is tough?  It sure beats the alternatives!  Here are 18 burdensome things you can avoid by exhibiting at a trade show!

I’d rather be exhibiting than:

  1. Losing touch with what’s going on in my market
  2. Not knowing what my competition is doing
  3. Forgetting what my client looks like
  4. Not keeping up with my industry network
  5. Losing my clients to a competitor
  6. Cold calling all day (can you say, “Voicemail Hell?”)
  7. Being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way to a prospect
  8. Cleaning up my database
  9. Deleting out-of-office emails
  10. Sitting in my tiny cube
  11. Sitting in my spare bedroom working from home
  12. Not expanding my company network
  13. Enduring another meeting
  14. Enduring another Zoom call
  15. Miss meeting my industry press
  16. Having people ask “Who is your company?” when I call
  17. Not learning about the newest products
  18. Being stuck in the same old routine

There’s a lot of value to your company when you are in your Cleveland trade show booth!  So, don’t take it for granted. You are doing more than just reaching your market face-to-face when you exhibit. You are infusing yourself with a blast of energy and market intelligence.  Reach out to the team at Trisource Exhibits to explore all the ways in which we can help you enhance your trade show processes.

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